5 Plant Based Foods that are Higher in Protein than Most Animal Products

Five of those foods are listed below for those who are curious to what plants are exactly higher in protein than animal products.


The name spirulina alone probably has you thinking, “What the heck is this exactly?” Spirulina is a blue green algae that grows in warm fresh bodies of water. Many people confuse spirulina with chlorella, but both are completely different. Yes, both are algae plants, but spirulina has been around since ancient times and does not possess the same harden walls as chlorella. In addition, this particular algae contains 65 percent protein and is rich in B vitamins and minerals, which are essential nutrients requires to keep the body energized and healthy.


There is a reason why Popeye the Sailor Man ate a diet rich in spinach. Spinach contains above 50 percent of protein along with a high dose of iron and vitamin C, which is essential for keeping the systems and organs of the body well energized and strong. In addition, these nutrients help strengthen the immune system and prevent the common cold and flu. Eating spinach on a regular bases will not only provide you with protein, but it will provide you with medicinal properties that keep inflammation and bone diseases away too.

3-Hemp Seeds:

Some of the best plant seeds to eat to help get a rich dose of protein into the diet are hemp seeds. Hemp seeds contain about 10 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons, which is a bountiful amount if you think about. Best of all, hemp seeds contain omega fatty acids and magnesium, which are essential nutrients required to keep the nervous system function properly and the bones growing healthy and strong. Best of all, hemp contains iron, which is great for females during menstruation time.


Some of the best veggies to eat rich in protein are broccoli florets. Broccoli contains more protein that beef. Best of all, broccoli contains amino acids, fiber for the digestive system, vitamin B6 to keep your mood happy and cancer fight properties. Most importantly, the nutrients in broccoli help keep the muscles and tissues within the body lean and strong.


Pack full of protein and heart-healthy omega fatty acids are almonds. Almonds also contains vitamin E, which is essential for skin healthy. The nuts also contain magnesium, which is essential for protecting and keeping the nervous system healthy and functioning the way it should. All you need to receive 7 grams of protein with this plant based food is a few tablespoons of almond butter or a few handfuls of the tasty little nuts. If for some reason you are allergic to almonds, eat peanuts instead or peanut butter.

As you have just learned, going meatless or without any kind of animal protein won’t cause your health to suffer. All that is required by the body is a source of protein to keep it energized and functioning properly and with the five super plant foods above, this can easily be achieved.




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