How to Build a 3-bin Compost System for FREE

This DIY compost bin system is a nice alternative to the expensive plastic tumblers that you can buy at the store. It is very simple, completely free, and fast – in this case, it only took a day to gather the materials, level the ground, and build the bins.

In this three bin system, the left and middle bin will be piled up with materials and turned every week or so. When ready, the materials will be transferred to the last bin and turned over as often as possible to finish the process of creating rich, organic garden compost.

These bins require minimal materials, starting with the pallets. You’ll need seven pallets of the same size for the back and side walls of the bins, plus a few more if you want them enclosed. With these pallets, scrap pieces of wood were inserted into the larger gaps of the pallets to keep compost from spilling through.

The pallets are arranged as shown, with three making up the back, two in the middle, and one at each end. The plastic bottoms seen here were found discarded, and will make ideal trays for collecting the juices that come off the pile and to keep the pile off the ground. If you are unable to find something similar, a pallet will work well for the bottom, or the bins can be placed directly on the ground.

For added stability, old striker plates from doors were used as brackets to secure some of the pallets together, resulting in a nice, sturdy frame for the bins. A garden stake is pounded into the ground and secured to each of the outer side walls of the bin.

See the video below for more information on building these bins, along with some good tips on how to layer the materials in the compost piles for the best results.

by Shannon

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