Property Protection: Smart Fencing on a Budget

Those individuals that have chosen to stay put during a time of crisis should make their house and their  property look a little run down.

It must have the appearance there is nothing of value there and you would be wasting time if you stopped there to search.

Cheap Ways to Build a Fence Without Surveillance Cameras or Other Electronic Equipment. 

  • Use naturally growing barriers. These must not be well trimmed. Let the grass grow high, have brown spots, and lots of weeds, or as much as you can within town codes. You can plant low level vines that do not get very tall, but can easily trip anyone up trying to navigate through the lawn or back yard.
  • The best fence or barrier is one that does not look like one. Start from now to plant trees and shrubs that have thorns, spread out quickly horizontally, and make a thick natural barrier. The thicker and thornier the barrier the harder it will be for unwanted trespassers to get through it.

How to Use the Lay of the Land for Natural  Fences and Defenses 

Before building the natural fence look at the lay of the land. Is the property level or is it angled? Are there any steep drop offs, creeks, or other land or water features that would make it difficult for someone to enter the property?

If the property is at the top of a hill, then you control all land below. On the other hand if the property is below the crest of a hill or ridge there may be problems with other people above being able to observe what is going on in your property.

You can mitigate this situation by planting a thick stand of Bamboo all the way around the property perimeter just inside the primary defensive wall. Other Bamboo stands should be planted in the back yard of the property to hide from view what is going on in the back yard and other staging areas. This Bamboo stand should be thick and dense enough to keep animals and people out.


How to use Thorny Bushes to Cover Your Property Perimeter

Spiny shrubs and trees, also often called Hedgerows, have been used for centuries to create defensive barriers, pen up live stock, or used to build up and strengthen existing boundary fences. The only down fall for using plants is that it may take some time for the plants to reach maturity.

It is possible to build a natural thorn fence around your property line. The bushes need to grow thickly and reach a height of 6 to 7 feet. When building the barriers it is a good idea to use several types of plants, as well as ones that are immune to herbicides.

Access Control Through the Natural Thorny Barriers

Even though you may want to keep others out, being able to move freely across your own property lines is very important. You will need to decide where access points will be, as well as which ones to seal off completely.

  • If there are any steep drop offs along the property line build a natural barrier fence at the top of the ravine that has plenty of sharp thorns. Loosen the soil to make it harder to climb up the bank and plant Poison Ivy or Poison Oak between the bottom of the ravine and the natural thorny defenses.
  • For Pedestrian Traffic – keep a heavy locked outer gate. The pathway behind the gate should zig zag instead of in a straight path into the compound. A natural barrier to a second locked gate should eventually lead into the compound.
  • For an Emergency Evacuation by Vehicle –  There should be an emergency break out section that can only be activated from the inside perimeter.  The pathway out should use the best lay of the land for concealment, vehicle speed, and safety.

If you are on a tight budget and are not going to bug out, you can still protect your property by constructing an outer perimeter wall from thorny bushes. Start now so they will be grown to a good defensive height when the time comes. The outer defenses should project that there is nothing of value here and you would be wasting time if you tried to enter.

by Fred Tyrell

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