Video: Convert a Washing Machine Motor to Create Free Energy


In our consumption-based society, as soon as something is broken, we don’t think twice about tossing it to the curb and buying a new one. We do this without realizing the other uses these appliances or their parts could serve us in the future.

Those of us preparing for a time when we have to create our own power sources, should see future uses in our appliances that will cease to work in an off grid environment. Essentially any motor with a copper wire can be converted into an energy producer. In particular, our washing machines can be disassembled and the parts used to make a windmill to generate power.

In the video below, you will learn how to recycle an old washing machine motor to generate free electricity to use for wind turbine, water wheel or biogas powered engines.

Remember, survivability is more about adaptability. Learning how to use what you have on hand to better your chances at survival will put you ahead of the game. Start early and learn now, before a disaster strikes.


by Tess Pennington

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