This Floating Greenhouse Grows Organic Food And Produces Clean Energy


The floating structure has a greenhouse with vertical gardens, generates solar and wind energy, and reduces waste by watering plants with recycled water.

While there is enough food on the planet to feed all inhabitants, 795 million people still go to bed hungry each evening. This is largely a result of distribution affected by greed, a problem which isn’t likely to remedy itself in the next few years.

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In wake of the issues of food scarcity and pollution (largely caused by large-scale animal agriculture), activists are seeking sustainable options which may serve dual purposes. This innovative floating greenhouse may be one of the solutions sought.

As Inhabitat reports, the multi-functional Eco Barge, designed by Salt & Water, was created to not only grow organic food but generate clean energy on the Danube River.


The designers wrote:

“This eco barge was designed as a place where citizens of Belgrade could get acquainted with vertical gardens, special kinds of irrigation systems and alternative ways of growing organic food in urban areas with usually limited space.” 

In addition to providing gardeners with healthy, organic food, the Eco Barge may also serve as a platform for education and community building. It could also be an economical solution to the problem of increasing land costs in cities.
Reportedly, the designers constructed the concept of Eco Barge based as an eco-friendly learning hub for the citizens of Belgrade.
The floating structure is comprised of a greenhouse with vertical gardens on one end and a small building on the other. Solar panels and wind turbines generate renewable energy. And, a water-efficient irrigation system provides moisture to the plants using recycled water.

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