Putin Not Bluffing About Nibiru Disclosure


On June 27th, a telephone call with global ramifications occurred between Barrack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the heated conversation, an enraged Vladimir Putin gave Obama a shocking ultimatum: “Tell the world about Nibiru, or I will.” Further information regarding Putin’s anger and details of that telephone call can be found in our previously published stories Putin Warns nibiru-red-300x180Obama: Tell The World About Nibiru Or I Will, White House Dispute Over Nibiru Disclosure, and Superpowers Nibiru Dispute Nearly Sparks Nuclear War.

According to usually reliable sources, the deadline for Putin’s ultimatum expires on July 12th, at which time Putin, tired of a three decade long global conspiracy, has threatened to dismantle the Nibiru cover-up by announcing on national television that Nibiru is real and poses a grave threat to civilization.



Yesterday, Pravda reporter Kudryashov  Timurovich interviewed a high-ranking Russian official to gauge the sincerity of Putin’s bone-chilling ultimatum. That official is Vladislav Surkov, personal aid to Vladimir Putin, who told Pravda that Putin’s determinative conversation with Obama was sincere, and that Putin had contemplated the ramifications of his actions before telephoning President Obama.vladimir-putin-300x188

“Putin is not bluffing about disclosure,” Surkov said. “Arrangements have been made.”

Surkov provided Pravda with additional information on Putin’s arrangements. If all information is accurate, Putin’s disclosure will occur during a press conference with RT (Russia Today,) a Russian sponsored news agency with immense popularity and worldwide appeal. “Whether Putin makes that announcement tomorrow is up to Putin,” Surkov said. “Only President Putin knows what President Putin will do. But everything has been set in motion for his announcement of Nibiru.”

Meanwhile, our Washington source learned that the Obama administration has been scrambling to find a means of delaying or scuttling victoria-nuland-300x225Putin’s planned disclosure. The White House, sources report, is in disarray. With no intention of making the disclosure himself, President Obama has secretly created a new cabinet position to handle and sanitize information about Nibiru. He clandestinely appointed Victoria Nuland–Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs–as Nibiru Czar.

A White House insider speaking under conditions of anonymity said, “He [Obama] took this drastic action to fill a void in the administration. For too long, too many people there have been squabbling over how best to handle Planet X. He hopes the creation of the position and the appointment of Victoria Nuland will bring cohesive structure to the table. He also believes that Putin will be more receptive to a woman’s appeal than to his own.”


Several unconfirmed reports from anonymous sources suggest that Victoria Nuland is already en-route to Russia for a meeting at the Kremlin.


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