As reported previously, tensions between the United States and Russia remain high following Vladimir Putin’s chilling ultimatum to 13599760_605975789572215_5440756167442199885_n-300x169Barrack Obama: “Tell the world about Nibiru, or I will.” For a complete understanding of the situation, please read our previously published articles Putin Warns Obama: Tell The World About Nibiru or I Will, White House Dispute Over Nibiru Disclosure, Superpowers Nibiru Dispute Nearly Sparks Nuclear War, and Putin Not Bluffing About Nibiru Disclosure. These articles lay the foundation for the perilous situation currently facing civilization, as we know it.

WASHINGTON— On May 27th, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to provide the world with full disclosure on the Nibiru crisis–unless Obama took the lead and made the disclosure himself. The deadline for Putin’s ultimatum–July 12th–has expired, but our Washington source learned that the White House dispatched a “special envoy” to Moscow for an emergency meeting at the Kremlin.


Late Sunday night, United States President Barrack Obama clandestinely created a new cabinet position and appointed Victoria Nuland as victoria-nuland-300x225“Nibiru Czar,” a title specifically designed to sanitize and diffuse potentially damaging information about Nibiru / Planet X. Under Obama’s orders, Victoria Nuland, accompanied by a cadre of unnamed White House officials, boarded a private jet and departed Andrew’s Air Force Base bound for the Russian Federation.

According to unimpeachable sources, Obama tasked Nuland with delivering a last minute appeal to Vladimir Putin. A pair of Russian Su-27 “Flankers” intercepted Nuland’s jet sixty miles outside Russian airspace and, according to sources, threatened to “destroy” the jet unless it immediately reversed course. Nuland had apparently failed to file a proper flight plan prior to leaving Washington. However, that crisis was averted; reportedly, Vladimir Putin himself ordered the Russian fighters to “stand down” and escort Nuland’s jet to Kubinka Airbase, near Moscow.

A reputable Russian source reports that Putin’s personal aid, Vladislav Surkov, met Nuland’s entourage at the airbase and ushered 101899260-RTR40NEF.530x298-300x169it to the Kremlin, where an enraged President Putin sat waiting. Putin was furious yet diplomatic, our source reported. He lambasted Nuland and the Obama administration for perpetuating the Nibiru cover-up and for threatening nuclear reprisal as punishment for “wanting to save lives by going public about Nibiru.”

“Putin was angry, but his anger was tempered with an understanding of the severity of the situation,” our Moscow source said. “At first, Putin threatened to make the disclosure right then and there, with Nuland present. But then something happened. Nuland delivered Obama’s hand-written appeal, which was contained in a sealed diplomatic pouch.”


Although the exact wording of Obama’s communique remains highly classified, its content must have contained information of earth-shattering importance, for Putin was “visibly shaken” after reading it. The terse meeting ended with Putin agreeing to a stay of continuance, that he would withhold Planet X disclosure for ten days, no more, no less. “After that,” Putin said, “the world will know about Nibiru.”


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