Smart Tools for Saving Backs when Bugging Out


What if you’re bugging out, and you cannot carry as much as you need? What if you’re not healthy enough to lift up your sack, or your beloved ones are too weak and small to carry their bags or even themselves?

Depending on the terrain, a cart, sled, trailer, wagon or travois enable groups of foot travelers to carry greater loads with less strain, thus to travel a greater distance each day of travel.

These tools can give you the mechanical advantage to transport loved ones who can’t walk fast enough or far enough. They can also free people of a large percentage of their burdens so that they can walk further.


Pioneer Hand Cart

This is a voluminous two-wheeled hand cart (that sometimes sports a small shelter like a miniature covered wagon) with handles in the front and rear. It can be pushed and pulled by two or more people instead of draft animals.

Many Western pioneers who were too poor to afford covered wagons constructed handcarts and used them to cross the Great Plains to the Western US. Some of my ancestors made use of this method to head West.

Why is this so great?

  • Can move large payloads of up to 1200lbs or more
  • High ground clearance
  • Good for families with children and groups without draft animals
  • Doesn’t require the daily chores, maintenance, cost, and large acreage zoned for livestock needed to keep horses, pack animals or draft animals
  • Well-built handcarts with watertight wood, fiberglass or metal beds can be used to ferry people and supplies across rivers.


The travois is essentially an isosceles triangle lashed out of timber poles such that it can be pulled by humans or hitched to dogs, horses or other pack animals to haul anything from supplies and teepees to people who can’t walk.

It was used to great effect by Native Americans and French fur trappers. Its advantages are:

  • Simple to improvise as long a long poles, cordage and a saw blade or an axe are available.
  • Slides best in snow, mud, forested or grassy terrain.
  • Less efficient than wheeled options.
  • Able to slide over terrain and obstacles that can be difficult for wheeled transport.

Monowalker Mountainmate Universal Pack Board

When using this tool, most of the weight is supported on your hips.

  • Carries 45-120liter volume, and payloads up to 100lbs or more.
  • 6.6lbs before rucksack or waterproof duffel and worth every ounce – ultra-light and strong formed hardwood wood construction.
  • Two pegs for a storage shelf and abundant, universal lashing or strapping points allow secure carriage of ammo cans, big game quarters and 5 gal water and fuel containers by any product in the Monowalker line.
  • Universal attachment slots allow the attachment of endless varieties of packs and waterproof, ultralight and durable Ortlieb duffel bags to the pack frame.
  • Make sure to carry your survival knife below the pack attached to your trouser belt with a dangler and your core survival gear distributed in your pockets or in a dangled belt pouch so you always carry them even if you doff your pack
  • A MOLLE II fighting load carrier, MOLLE II tactical assault panel, MOLLE vest, commercial non-tactical front packs (that won’t stand out in urban environments) or concealed carry jacket offerings with internal Velcro loop attachment surfaces (such as 5.11’s Backup Belt System) help balance the load of your pack and place handguns, magazines, IFAKs (individual first aid kit), OC spray, optics or admin panels out in front where it is more easily accessible without doffing your pack. This same setup works with all configurations of the Monowalker.
  • Long guns can be carried with their weight on the padded hip belt and put into action very quickly using products such as the Kifaru Gunbearer.


Monowalker Trailmate One-wheeled Hiking Trailer

This is available as either a complete hiking trailer or a conversion kit that converts the pack frame or any of the other Monowalker products into a nimble, high-tech hiking trailer for traveling hiking trails or cross country.

  • Carries 110-140liter waterproof volume, or 100lbs payload.
  • 60% of the load to the wheel reduces felt weight of a 100lbs load to a much more manageable 40-50lbs.
  • 13.23lbs before rucksack or waterproof duffel – ultra-light and strong wood and aluminum construction.
  • The pack board forms the cargo bed.
  • Connects to the waist belt of the harness system from the Mountainmate pack
  • Two lightweight shaped blonde hardwood handles attach to the pack frame providing leverage to steady the load, reduce vibration while staying warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Ultra-light thumb actuated bicycle break on one of the handles securely stops the tri-spoke aluminum mag wheel on slopes allowing you to stop and rest while hiking uphill and keeps the trailer from pushing you on downhill stretches
  • You can still wear a “combat light” load in case you have to doff the trailer with the two QD shackles and make a run for it
  • An ultra-light aluminum extension connects the wheel to the bottom of the trailer frame affording ground clearance, superior mobility even in rocky terrain and allows the trailer to traverse obstacles and ford shallow streams
  • A GPS can easily be attached to one of the handles in a perfect position for navigation with a mounting bracket, Strac Strapz, Velcro One-wrap or Velcro/Spandex hybrid straps
  • With the brake applied to the wheel, a short, light ski can be strapped to the bottom of the tire, turning the hiking trailer into a snow sled

Find out more about bugging-out on “Conquering the Coming Collapse”.


Monowalker Travelmate Two-wheeled Travel Hand Cart/Dolly

This is available as a complete cart or a conversion kit that turns any other Monowalker product into a two-wheeled travel cart perfect for traveling road on foot.

  • Carries 110-140liter volume, or 100lbs payload.
  • 13.23lbs before rucksack or waterproof duffel – ultra-light and strong wood and aluminum construction.
  • 80% load transfer to the wheels reduces the felt weight of a 100lbs load to a mere 20lbs allowing weaker group members to carry a 400% greater load.
  • Perfect for paved roads, dirt roads and even many hiking trails since the aluminum tri-spoke mag bicycle wheels and tires offer several inches of ground clearance unlike a dolly.


Monowalker Cyclemate 2-wheeled Bicycle Trailer

This is available as a kit to convert any of Monowalker’s other products to a stable, efficient 2-wheeled bicycle or Motoped trailer or as a completed bike trailer.

  • Carries 110-140liter volume, or 100lbs payload.
  • 13.23lbs before rucksack or waterproof duffel – ultra-light and strong wood and aluminum construction.
  • A variety of universal mounting kits makes the trailer compatible with all mountain bikes and road bikes except bikes with carbon frames
  • Carrying the load on the trailer leaving the bike mostly unloaded make the bike or Motoped much easier to ride up hill and much more maneuverable.
  • 2-wheeled design allows more than twice the payload of one-wheeled bike trailers and eliminates shearing forces.


Saving Back, and Saving Lives

Carrying your SERE gear in your pockets and your suspending your sheath knife from your trouser belt on a dangler will ensure that those items stay on your person at all times.

Having your group carry a lighter load, just what is needed to fight or survive and using a tool for the rest of your gear will enable you to make better time over greater distance. More, it will increase your carrying capacity and keep you from becoming a casualty of heat or exhaustion.

Once they become exhausted, your people will start making soft compromises. Soft compromises lead to hard compromises and hard compromises get people killed.

Having the group carry the bulk of your load on carts can also reduce the weight carried by your security force. Carrying a heavy load will greatly impair their fighting ability.

So think outside the box and choose one of these tools, because they can enable groups to carry better shelter, more food, and water or force multipliers, improving their chances of survival.

by Cache Valley Prepper

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